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Wedding in Beara photographer

Wedding photography

wedding cutting the cake wedding

I love taking pictures of weddings in South West Ireland. Taking pictures of couples as they start married life together, all the romance and sweetness that they will treasure over the years to come

I offer three packages

1: Ceremony

I meet the bride at the church as she steps from the car and goes inside waving to all the well wishers. I also capture the groom as he waits for her to arrive. The initial meeting at the church before walking up the aisle, the lovely sense of occasion, friends and relations seeing how beautiful she looks. Meeting the priest, the vows, lighting the candles, presenting the rings, signing the register followed by coming out of the church to meet the public as the happy married couple. Then back inside, or pre-arranged spot for group family pictures. I will also take pictures off the happy couple being driven off to their reception before finishing up. I will supply 50 7x5 prints of the occasion, and all will be on my website where only those with the correct password can view them. Extra prints can be ordered directly from my website

2: Grand Occasion

I start the day with the Groom at his house, taking pictures of him and the best man, his brothers and sisters, mother and father, and any special arrangements we have discussed beforehand. Then I go to meet the Bride at her house to take pictures of her getting ready with her bridemaids helping her. Putting on her make up, arranging her clothes, taking her time to make sure she is looking her loveliest best. I then photograph her going to her car, bridemaids following, the sense of excitement as neighbours wave and wish good luck. Then we go to the church and cover all that is in the Ceremony package (above) followed by going to a location to take pictures at a scenic location and then the Reception. The coming into the hotel, drinks, meeting people for the first time as man and wife. The meal, speeches, cutting of the cake, and finally the first dance. I provide 75 7x5 prints of your choice, which you can view as a slide show on my password protected website. Extra prints can be ordered directly from my website

3: Something to Treasure

I cover all the above, give you 100 7x5 prints and put all the pictures on a USB stick for you to print the pictures as you wish. All images will also be sized down so they can easily be uploaded to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The pictures will also be on my password protected website for all your friends and family to view as a slide show at your leisure.

contact me

wedding wedding wedding
Confirmation I am also available for Confirmations, christenings, 1st Communion and all Church events Confirmation


Irish Estate Photography Irish Estate Photography

My main photography business is photographing buildings and structures. Click here to see

I have 20 years of experience taking aerial shots from helicopters. I have used Bolkow, Jetranger, and EC135 choppers working for oil companies and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, as well as taking pictures of Irish lighthouses. Please contact me if you would like me to do aerial work for you

The Fastnet Dinish oil tanker
Fastnet lighthouse The new Dinish Island pier Oil tanker at Whitegate refinery

I also take pictures for businesses in Ireland, like the fishing businesses see below. I am available to travel in Ireland and abroad to take pictures to help promote your business

Mackerel tuna crab
Mackerel after being filleted at the Co-Op Tuna being landed Crab at Shellfish de la Mer

Shellfish de la Mer

The Shellfish de la Mer lorry has my photographs on the side of it



I also conduct tours and workshops

Lighthouse workshops Lighthouse Tours Atmospheric workshops

Lighthouse Workshops

Spend a couple of days with me at a lighthouse, either staying in the Keepers Cottage or at a nearby B&B

Lighthouse Tours

Spend a week with me touring the lighthouses of Ireland. I have three super week long tours to tempt you with

Atmospheric workshops

So the day of your workshop turns out to be wet, so what? We will work in the rain and get results like the one above

video of Issie

A video I shot for Irish Dragon Den winner Issie O'Donovan at her Chocolate Shp

Times Square New Mexico Sydney
Times Square, New York New Mexico Sydney
I'm a frequent flyer, regularly going overseas taking pictures. New Mexico, Florida, California, Masschusetts, NYC, Queensland, NSW, Singapore I have travelled extensivel;y over the past 30 years. If you would like me to go overseas to take pictures for you then please contact me
Fastnet Blacksod Youghal
Southern Northern East Coast
For five years I have been conducting tours of Irish lighthouses, and I also do tours of the Beara Peninsula If you would like to come on one of my tours then please click on the links above
building site building site
I do a lot of building site photography, as new owners like to see what is going into their houses. My photography provides a record of where the electrical wires are being put, should a hole be needed to be knocked in the wall some time late. I also show where ducts are for piping, sewage, vents and a record of how it was all put together. A complete record of how your house or factory was put together. Prices vary depending on the size of the construction

I was the first photographer to make a postcard of all the major lighthouses and many of the smaller ones on the Irish Coast. I also the author of two books, my firast 'An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses' and the second produced by the Collins Press 'Ireland's Lighthouses ~ A Photo Essay'

I also supply images for Memorial cards, if you like to have one of my images for a card please contact me

Last but not least I build simple websites, below are ones I have created and upkeep

Beara Breifne Way

Castletownbere Port

Hymany Way

Tipperary Multeen Tourism

The O'Sullivan Clan

Coiste Sli Gaeltacht Mhúscrai

Thomas Hartnett Coach Hire


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