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Irish Estate Photography

My favourite collection of buildings that I have photographed in Ireland and abroad

First is Teach Maoildia on the Beara Peninsula which won RTÉ Home of the Year 2015
The entrance to the house The entrance
The entrance to the house The entrance looking towards Maulin
Blending in Beautiful open lounge
Blending in beautifully Beautifully warm welcoming lounge with magnificent views
Staircase Kitchen
Staircase leading up from the dining area Kitchen. Note the wine glasses like a chandelier
Bathroom Reflection
The bathroom lit with led lights set in the wall Reflected in the pond
View from the lantern room Clare Island
View from the Lantern Room at Clare Island lighthouse Clare Island lighthouse perched atop a cliff in the wilds of County Mayo
Clare Island lighthouse Clare Island
Beautifully restored interiors of Clare Island lighthouse
Irish Estat Photography Irish Estate Photography
I photograph property using one of the best cameras on the market the Canon EOS 5D mk2 21.1 mega pixels with the best lenses
Irish Estate Photography Irish Estate Photography
From the helicopter
aerial work CTB School
The houses below are the work of builder John Feeley who lives in Eyeries and builds houses all over the Beara Peninsula
John Feeley John Feeley
John Feeley John Feeley


Mizen Bridge Mizen
Above is the award winning Mizen Bridge
I also photograph building sites, new houses from the ground up so the owners can see what went into the construction
new house new house


New York skyscrapers

Citi-Corp Chrysler Building
From top of the Empire State Building
Manhattan Manhattan
Ground Zero October 2011



Sky Park Business centre
Sky Park Business centre
Singapore Singapore
Shopping Mall Sky Park
Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
Ocean Grill Inside Ocean Grill
Above is The Ocean Grill, Vero Beach, Florida
Last but not least, the TransAmerica in San Francisco was the building that first grabbed my eye and got me into photographing buildings



all photos © John Eagle Photo

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