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Wild Atlantic Way paintings on canvas by Irish art oil painter John Eagle

John Eagle Art

My work can be viewed at the Bantry Craft Shop, Glengarriff Road, Bantry

and at my gallery,  by appointment only

Seascapes Landscapes
Storm scenes Landscapes

'his work is both sensitive, naive and volatile as he mixes tiny details into his paintings and then creates atmospheric storm scenes from memory. He infuriates many by painting dark, but to truly appreciate his work you need to see the oils under spotlights, then they come alive'

Forest paintings

Forest paintings

Original oils can be viewed at  The Craft Shop in Bantry, and Cleo Gallery Kenmare. If the one that interests you isn't on show there then please contact me or maybe you would like a print from one of them

postcards of oil paintings

Postcards of my oil paintings

Come with me to see the places that inspire me to paint

Guided art inspiration walks in Beara

Although I have painted since early childhood it wasn't until the Winter of 1991/92 that I began using oils. I was introduced to the medium by the reknowned artist Maurice Henderson whom I met whilst living in Allihies. I told him I was keen to try oils so he had me go to Cork and buy some paints and brushes, then set about showing me how to use them. While I exhibited for the first time a year later, at the Beara Arts Show, it was not until 2000 that I felt confident to show my work properly. My work is from memory, everything coming from my observations from a lifetime of being here ever since I was a small boy going out in the big black boats to going fishing with the locals. I know what the mountains look like, the rivers, the houses, all stored in my mind. Unlike other artists I do not paint from photographs. My work forms on the canvas straight from my memory. I like to paint dark, moonlight appeals to me especially as it is so meaningful where I live. What I like best is seeing my work come alive when the spotlights light them up. Like the one above right of the river in flood

Wild Atlantic Way Wild Atlantic Way art

The wilder side of Ireland has always hit home, its what keeps me alive, the vibrant storms and rugged landscape. When I go out for walks I go where the traditional farm houses are, where walls are made of stone, the people have time to chat and the smell of burning turf fills the air

Come walking with me for the day on Beara, see the peninsula from my point of view

Whilst I was taught at the beginning by an original oil painter, I feel my work is very different to what he does. He gave me some ideas on how to approach painting with oils, and then had me develop my own ideas from there

2014 brochure

Here's my 2014 brochure, available to download


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