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Workshop Irish Photography with John Eagle

One to One, and small groups

Canon camera

Composition Techniques


Please note: I have had to cancel my workshops due to health problems. When I resume them I will post here

Photography 6 hour workshops

Students learning portraiture with me

Students learning from me how to take pictures of my dog Suzie so that they focus on the dog and not on the background

I teach observation workshops, and how to set your camera up to get great shots

I will spend 6 hours showing how to get the most from your camera. Up in the hills of Beara, or at the harbour shooting ships, showing you how it all works, then how to compose shots and what to avoid. If this is something you would like then please contact me After shooting we will go for a coffee and chat over what you have been learning and all for only €250

Snow scene 1 Snow scene 2
The above two pictures are virtually the same, and the one oin the right grabs the eye much more and it's all down to one small thing. They are two separate pictures, I haven't cropped one to get the other. On the right your eye isn't distracted by the light water on the extreme right and you can also see under the clouds. The dog has moved position, but that makes no difference. It's all about training your eye so you can spot these differences and I am there to help on my workshops

I teach from my wealth of photographic knowledge. I rarely snap the shot I see, I prefer to spend awhile thinking it over. The ones below of the wave pounding Garnish were shot over the period of three shoots, and from different angles. Too high, too close, I moved around a good bit before getting the ones I wanted. Afterwards I look at what I have taken and I am quite ruthless what I will keep. I try to get it right first time but as hard as I try there is always another angle. So planning composition is very important

Garnish Waves at Garnish


Getting the right exposure, looking at what you have taken. Dwelling on how it might be taken better. First time is not always right when you start out. As you progress during the day you spend with me I will show you ways to think ahead, what you want to achieve and the result you are looking for. Slow motion down, as in the above cascade. I will train your eye to spot great photographs


The above picture works well from the spot I chose to stand. Move a few yards to the right or left and the scene is not nearly so good. It's all about the light and what you put in the way of it. You don't need a top of the range camera to achieve super result, you just need to be shown how to go about getting them, what to look for

click to watch video

Video of me explaining the workshop

We start at dawn and work through the day until dusk. I will encourage you every step of the way to make you feel more confident in handling your camera and getting the results

Full 6 hour day €250
4 hour half day €175
2 hour course €100


Make the most of it

Beara scene with mist and rain, isn't it atmospheric and interesting. How many photographers would say. 'its raining, lets forget about it.' Look at the colours in the above picture, see how they come to the fore, and also the gentle smile in the way the picture is presented. You will see this 'smile' more effectively in the picture below

Sunset in Beara

Lost ruins

In the woods we find delights like old ruins to photograph

Would you like to learn from me, if so then please contact me

On a John Eagle lighthouse tour

A group at the Fastnet lighthouse which we visit each June on the Southern Tour I also go out there from time to time with photographers wishing to experience the thrill. I can also take you to other lighthouses, stay at them too. It's great fun staying at lighthouse, go to sleep watching the lantern silently revolving, trying to get good night shots of it

Lantern at night

Bantry Bay Boat Trip

Bantry Bay trip

Why not join me on a high speed boat trip around Bantry Bay passing through the arch in the Bull Rock, and getting up close and personal with the lighthouses of the bay including Ardnakinna, Calf Rock, Sheeps Head and Roancarrig. Trips are weather dependant, days might need to be changed for calmer conditions and refunds will be given if the trip cannot go ahead on the day you book for and the change of day does not suit you. Please note we are out on open water and wet weather clothes are necessary, like a waterproof jacket and trousers, a life jacket will be lent to you

Calf Rock

Calf Rock

Click here for booking details

The boat trip is arranged on a group rate basis. 5 people €75 pp, 6 people €65 pp, 7 people €60 pp, 8 people €55 pp

Bere Island Caves Boat Trip

Bere Island cave

See caves, two lighthouses and the home of Neil Jordan the film director

There are several caves on the Bantry Bay side of Bere Island and if calm enough we will go into them to check out wildlife

Bere Island cave Bere Island boat trip
One of the caves At full speed racing across the waves
Roancarrig Roancarrig
Roancarrig lighthouse up close and personal. The metal structure to the left of the traditional tower is the new LED
Approaching Ardnakinna Bardini Reefer
Approaching Ardnakinna lighthouse The wreck of the Bardini Reefer up close and personal in Berehaven


The boat trip lasts about two hours, the cost is €60 pp minimum 2 people (€120)




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