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Beara Valley Tour

Escorted tour with professional photographer

Beara Map

Come with me on a tour of the Beara's Valleys, learn about the history and see the sites from an artist~photographer's point of view. See Mass Rocks, stone circles, learn about local legends. Beara is full of tales, some true, some bordering on truth and some, well.. you wouldn't want to say either way. There's a story for every bend of the road. My bus driver is Tommy Hartnett who has lived and driven the lanes of Beara all his life, and is reknowned all over for his sense of humour and keeping everyone happy and amused. I am the photographer of most of the postcards you find of Beara. I will show you the best locations for picture taking so you will be able to go home making people envious because they never saw that view when they came over here

The tour is available for groups of 6 or more on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year for just €55 per person (If you would prefer we can start the tour for you in Glengarriff or another place on the Beara Peninsula)


Tommy with one of his buses

Narrow lanes
Come and explore narrow winding roads like this one, going deep into the valleys of the Beara Peninsula
We start our tour in the Kerry market town of Kenmare
Tourist Office
outside the Tourist Office
Baurearagh Valley
We travel up the road to Bonane, then its off into our first valley. This is the deep and remote Baurearagh Valley with its staggeringly beautiful mountain scenery and remoteness. There's only a handful of houses here and a narrow winding road with grass growing down the middle of it. Some say it's a dual carriage way for leprachauns!
After Baurearagh we climb up through a narrow pass, above left and enter the Dromoghty Valley. The road is very narrow and if we meet a tractor or something we will be trying to pull in. But no need to worry as none of us will be in any hurry and we most likely have a chat to find out the local news!  
Our next valley is Gleninchaquin with its magnificent stone circle Uragh (above) In the background is the famous waterfall. Another one track road takes us there, meandering along beside a babbling brook. The valley seems to have streams and lakes each way you look and to crown it all there is the waterfall at the end  

After Gleninchaquin we take a tea (or coffee) break at the lovely Lake House which overlooks the Cloonnee Lakes. We will stop for about 20 minutes to give you all a chance to stretch your legs, then its on to Lauragh and up the most spectacular pass in the whole of Ireland. The Tim Healy Pass which roses high above Glanmore Lake and valley.


Glanmore Lake, Co. Kerry

Healy Pass

The Healy Pass, above, on the Cork side has numerous hairpin bends as it snakes over the Caha Mountain range  
Glenbeg Glenbeg  

For our final valley we will visit Glenbeg Lake set in the Caha Mountains. Glenbeg is the natural reservoir for much of the Beara Peninsula, and measures about a mile in length

There is time after this for a short break in Ardgroom Post Office where they make excellant coffee and snacks

If you would like to come on this tour then please click on the Contact Button below or at the top of the page






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