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51 23.3N

9 36.1W

Built 1904

Fastnet Rock lighthouse

First lighthouse built 1854, made of cast iron it replaced the light on Cape Clear. When the similar cast iron lighthouse on the Calf Rock was destroyed it was decided to build a granite one

See it up close and personal on

The Southern Lighthouse Tour

Date unwatched:

March 1989

Height of tower: 54m

Height of light above MHWS: 49m

Range of light: 27nm

All images here will enlarge to 40x30 printed by my expert pro lab

Fastnet lighthouse

The Fastnet in June 2015 image code JEP 747D

Picture taken using Canon EOS 5D mk3 + 17-40L

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Fastnet lighthouse by John Eagle

image code: JEP 277D

One of my favourite pictures of the Fastnet lighthouse. I took it from the Eurocopter 135 in April 2009, and as you can see I got a local fishing boat in the frame. Taken using my Canon 5D mk2 it is 21.1 mega pixels. It enlarges to the size of a car windscreen without effort

View the a close up detail of this picture

The Fastnet is on the cover of my 2019 Irish Lighthouses calendar, order your signed copy today

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image code JEP 241

I took this picture in 1996 on colour film long before other photographers were going out in helicopters to take shots of the Fastnet. I remember a store owner saying to me 'pictures of lighthouses? whatever next?' I just thought it was a fun thing to do, nowadays every other photographer is going out and taking pictures of Irish lighthouses. It became postcard 3A in the collection

I think it resembles a beautiful bride on her wedding day in a lovely lace dress

This image is from a colour neg, if you would like a print please contact me


image code JEP 292 D

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Taken around 7am one early August day during a boat trip. I had planned to visit the Fastnet the evening before, but the seas were very rough. It was the first week of August 2009 with the first ever Southern Irish Extreme Lighthouse Tour and as is so often the case there are violent storms then. One of the reason why I moved the tour to the end of June is simply because we stand a better chance of getting to the Fastnet then (and also the puffins are still at Skellig Michael). I remember taking the tour members to vantage spots along the coast to view the Fastnet nthrough telescopes, and we all prayed we would get out there the following day. Because the boat owner was also running a ferry service from Schull to Cape Clear Island we needed to set off really early and that is how I got this magical early dawn shot


Fastnet Lighthouse

Image code: JEP 100

This image is from a colour slide, if you would like a print please contact me

I have labelled this one JEP 100 as it was used for the 100 year anniversary of the first lighting of the lighthouse in 2004. The picture appeared in postcard form, and also on a special poster. That's the Mizen you can see in the distance. I shot it using Fuji Velvia colour slide film (JEP stands for John Eagle Photography)

lighthhouse tour

See the Fastnet up close and personal on the Southern Lighthouse Tour

And here are some other personal favourites of mine I thought you might like to have a gander at, all available as prints and if you would like one please quote me the image code number

Fastnet Fastnet Fastnet

image code JEP 620D

This view shows the helicopter pad well and the old lighthouse stump

image code JEP 563 D

I like the 'backwash' in this picture, also made a lovely sound when the wave 'bumped' into the rock

image code JEP F1

I called this one F1 for Fastnet 1. Most pictures are taken from the sides, I thought I'd do a different one just for fun

Fastnet Fastnet lighthouse

Fastnet lighthouse

image code JEP 282 D image code JEP 528D image code JEP 529D
Fastnet lighthouse Fastnet Fastnet lighthouse

image code JEP 527D

This has that expectant prelude moment when you wonder if the rock is about to get smacked by a giant wave

image code is: JEP 354 D

I sense a big force from above is trying to wrench the Fastnet from the ocean in this shot

image code JEP 356 D

Here's looking up at you! A parting shot, saying farewell to the maiden in the ocean in her bridal dress. You can see the keepers at the door of the lighthouse in this one

I have been taking aerial pictures of the Fastnet lighthouse since 1992, flying in helicopters Bolkow and Eurocopter 135, always using the best Canon cameras.

These are my favourite photographs. JEP 241 and 100 were taken with my Canon A-1 film camera, for all the others I used my Canon EOS 5D mk2 which produces superb definition


My thanks to Capt. Mick Conneely and Capt. Colm Martyn for flying me for these shots

all pictures copyright John Eagle Photography

Why not come with my on my Southern Irish Lighthouse tour to the Fastnet each June

Below are some pictures I took last time I visited the Fastnet lighthouse
The lantern CIL notice Looking up the tower
The lantern Every lighthouse has a notice stating the lighthouse name and what it does, this is the one for the Fastnet Looking up the tower
lantern Blacony view Balcony
Another view of the magnificent lantern that so many yachtsmen and other sailors know so well Looking down from the balcony at the helicopter pad. The black stump is the base of the first lighthouse that was built on the rock Looking up at the top of the tower and the balcony
John Eagle Art Canvas Farewell Fastnet
An oil painting I did. This is a small part of it, you can see the whole painting if you click on it. The oil hangs in a private collection in Florida One of my shots printed on canvas Farewell to the Fastnet for the time being
Fastnet model

75g model of the Fastnet, 3 inches high, 5 inches long, hand painted which means no two the same. It's not one hundred per cent accurate and I have decided to stop making it

Fastnet mounted Fastnet JEP 277D in an off white card mount and cellophane bag, personally signed by John Eagle. Size of print 7x5 inches, total area of mount 10x8 inches €9.95 + p&p
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Classic Fastnet lighthouse shot taken at dawn from a boat 4 miles off the West Cork coast mounted in an off white card mount and cellophane bag, personally signed by John Eagle. Size of print 7x5 inches, total area of mount 10x8 inches €9.95 + p&p

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Fastnet 2E


Fastnet postcard 2E

40c + postage

Fastnet 2F

Fastnet postcard 2F

40c + postage

Fastnet 3A

Fastnet postcard 3A

40c + postage

County Cork

County Cork set

23 postcards

€9.20 + postage

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All photographs © John Eagle Photography

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