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Traditional Irish House Models

During the cold Winter of 2013 I decided to make some models. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and it was. However I became frustrated with trying to make them right. I was forever getting holes in the finished product, and my studio became a mess with bits of Jesomite and plastic littering the floor. There came a time when I just decided I had had enough of making these models, a lot of work for very little reward. So you can look at these models here, but I have withdrawn them from sale as I no longer feel I want to make them. I hope you enjoy looking at them. I am first and foremost an artist. The business end of trying to make a profit out of doing these models killed the pleasure in it for me. Anyway it is something I tried in my journey of being an artist

Irish traditional home Shamrock house
This house started off with just the two windows on the ground floor, but as the family increased in size the upstairs rooms were enlarged and dormer windows added. The lean to shed at the side was also added for storing the winter fuel Traditional Beara farmhouse with window at either end, two on the front and two at the back, one of them being on the stairs. This model is a bit harder to make because the stem is very easy to break and for that reason the price for it is a little higher
Beara Cottage Beara Cottage
This is a converted ruin of a typical Beara Peninsula traditional farmhouse. It has one floor with a window at either end. Note the damaged roof at the back of the house. Repair work was done, but funds were low so adequate repairs were not fully carried out. The owner did what he could afford on the small amount of money coming to him. This house would feature in many of my oil paintings. The original building would have a slate roof and 3 foot wide stone walls. My model is made with Jesomite and hand painted by me. It measure approx 5 inches in length
Fastnet lighthouse

Fastnet Lighthouse, Co. Cork

Hand crafted from scratch and hand painted by John Eagle

No two models will be exactly the same as each is cast one at a time and then painted with acrylics. The model stands just under 3 inches in height and 5 inches in length, it weighs 53kg and made of polyresin. I also made a Jesomite model of this, but had lots of problems with the tower and balconies

It is now available in a choice of colours, grey or brown rock. There is some brown round the base of the rock in the grey version for the seaweed

A Jesomite version is avalable if you wish, please request this if you want it


Pyramids are wonderful company. Silver is for Mental Aptitude, Gold is for Wealth, Blue for Health and Red is Defence. If you have all four then the configuration of them is important. Red stands to the South, Gold to the North, Silver to the West and Blue to the East. I make Pharaoh pyramids like the ones shown here, and I have made also Aztec ones which don't tower so high and have set levels but as yet not in Jesmonite. I have two made in balsa wood but I am not selling either as they mean too much to me.

Blue pyramid

You don't have to have one in any of these colours, you can have it painted in any colour you like. If you would like one painted in Pink for instance just let me know. Whatever colour you prefer, once you have your pyramid safe and sound in your home it is best to place it away from electrical equipment, in a peaceful place where it will not be moved. Once there, look to it once in awhile, think good thoughts and it will be your friend for life


Pharaoh pyramids


The purple version












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