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Aerial Views of the States

Flying round the States in Autumn 2009 was a very big thrill for me. I flew South West Airlines from Orlando to Albuquerque and up to Manchester. My thanks to my friends Hal and Barbara for arranging it all for me. The awesome colours of New Mexico and Vermont live with me, gorgeous food and great American people. I long to return

Dublin Cape Canaveral
My A3330 waiting to fly me to Florida. I arrived at the gate hours early I was so excited to fly. Aer Lingus cabin crew were so kind to me, I loved the flight there and back. They are a great airline Cape Canaveral taken from the Aer Lingus jet, flying me from Dublin to Orlando
New Mexico Orlando
At Albuquerque Airport waiting for the flight to Orlando Waiting for SW Airlines jet at Orlando for Albuquerque
Texas New York
I have no real idea where this is, must be Texas.

Passing over New York en route to Manchester NH. My neighbours from Beara were flying into New York at exactly the same time as I was flying over





Lake of the Pines, Texas

Somewhere in Texas

Texas Texas
I think this is West Texas, I'd love someone to tell me for sure Texas I think. If you know where this is please contact me
Rio Grande Rio Grande
Crossing the Rio Grande heading into Albuquerque airport. I was ever so excited to be flying in to New Mexico Crossing the Rio Grande en route to Albuquerque airport
New mexico Golf
New Mexico, not sure if I took this when I was coming or going but I found it interesting because of the circle on the ground. I think someone told me this is the new Albuquerque golf course, not sure
New Mexico Sandia Peak
Looking south to the Mexican border My first glimpse of Sandia Peak on the way in to Albuquerque





Flying out of Orlando Leaving Manchester airport in New Hampshire. It was getting quite chilly there, arrived in Florida to 80 degrees
East Coast Sunset

On the North East coast shortly after taking off from Manchester, heading for Orlando


I took numerous shots of this sunset flying from Manchester to Orlando

All pictures © John Eagle Photography


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