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The International, Manchester 1985

Roger Eagle

Roger Eagle outside his club The International

During the mid 80's I went up to Manchester s few times to sample the nightlife at my brother Roger's nightclub there. He would sometimes come down to Oxford where I lived, bringing friends down with him. On one memorable occasion Mick Hucknell of Simply Red came to stay. I couldn't believe it when Roger told me this young lad had just signed a massive recording contract. I remember climbing over the fence with him and Roger to get into the Osberton Radiators Social Club to play a few games of snooker. Mick was often at The International when I was up there. I was always taking pictures, one set got me into trouble when I was shooting publicity pictures in a hotel for Ministers of the Groove. The management of the joint got uptight that I had not pre-arranged to shoot the pictures there. The best pics were on the roof out of sight

Roger (centre) started off as a disc jockey at the Twisted Wheel in the early 60s. His other clubs included The Magic Village (now under the Arndale Centre) and Eric's in Liverpool

Can someone give me

a name for her?

Untouchables Untouchables
The Untouchables who had a big hit with 'Free Yourself'
Untouchables Untouchables
playing The International in May 11th 1985
Untouchables Untouchables
Duggie Bouncers
Duggie James on the right, not sure he's with The Doormen
George Netty
Netty and George May 31st 1985
Not sure who these guys are, do you know?
A magician and fire eater, below
I wish I had a camera with me at The Magic Village back in the 60s. I recall the kiosk and the flight of stairs going down to the dance floor, with fab juke box on the right with such classics Hare Krishna playing all the time. I remember seeing Family play with Caravan in support, at a hall not far from the club. I was only 12 at the time, the music was defeaning. 1990 Roger put John Lee Hooker on at the Free Trade Hall, it was my job to drive John Lee from his hotel to the Hall and back. He signed my copy of The Healer cd which I shall treasure for the rest of my life.
Roger's book
Book written by Bill Sykes about my brother

Roger was one of the first to seriously play Northern Soul at the Manchester nightclub The Twisted Wheel in the first half of the 60s. To listen to the fabulous music of Northern Soul hit the Jukebox

I well remember the jukebox that was at the Magic Village which now exists beneath the Arndale Shopping Centre. The Vice Squad used to show up in grey suits in those days. It was my job as a 13 year old to light dozens of joss sticks in the club lol


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