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  Roche's Point lighthouse  

51 47.6N

8 15.3W

Original tower 1817 dismantled in 1835 and re-erected at Duncannon North

Present tower built 1835

Date unwatched: 1.4.1995 Height of tower: 15m

Height of light above MHWS: 30m

Range of light:

W 20nm

R 16 nm

I remember taking my girlfriend of the time to Crosshaven and going into Cronin's for some afternoon tea, and how nice and comfortable it was in there. I told her that I didn't want to stay too long, that I want to go up on the hill to take some shots of the lighthouse while the light was good. Just another cup, and yes and another, she wouldn't budge. Finally she agreed that it was indeed getting late and we ahd better go up there and just as we arrived the Asgard came sailing into the harbour's mouth. Had we gone when I wanted to go we would have missed the picture, aren't women always right!
Roche's Point Roche's Point
The STV Asgard entering Cork Harbour. Over and over I have been urged to change the colour, but I like it like that and anyway it's a calming view of the fine ship which now rests at the bottom of the sea. It is available as a postcard I was taking aerial pictures at the time for Conoco Phillips the oil company who own the Whitegate Oil Refinery. I just asked if we could point the Jetranger in the direction of the lighthouse, so glad the company employee agreed with me. Made a postcard
Roche's Point Roche's Point
Roche's Point Roche's Point


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