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  Rathlin Island lighthouses, West East and Rue Point  
  Rathlin Island West  

55 18.01N

6 16.07W

Built 1919

De-manned 30 November 1983

See it up close and personal on the Northern Lighthouse Tour

Elevation 62m

Range 22 nm

Fl R rs

I flew to take pictures of these lighthouses on a blustery day, I recall it was a fast flight to the island and a very slow one returning to Fanad heli pad as we were flying into an oncoming storm. The reason for the flight to the island was to put a new beacon on Rue Point but due to the winds it was impossible for the helicopter to hover the light correctly into position. The door was closed for my photography due to the conditions and that is why you see a red flare in some of the pictures, this being the reflection of my survival suit. I had the option not to wear the suit but was told that if we had to ditch in the sea I would be dead in four minutes due to the freezing cold. So I hope you enjoy looking at these aerial pictures, and I am sorry they are not better quality. I would like to go back and do better aerial pictures some day
Rthlin West Rathlin West
The only really good way to photograph this lighthouse is from a helicopter, perched on the cliff as it is. This is the postcard shot Took this with my super wide angle lens whilst on one of my Northern Irish Lighthouse tours
  Rathlin East (Altacarry)  

55 18.1N

6 10.2W


Built 1856

De-manned March 1995

Elevation 74m

Range 26nm

Fi (4) W 20s

Rathlin East Altacarry
Altacarry 1
View from Eagle Eye looking down the length of Rathlin Island
image code: JEP 851D
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Taken on a lovely sunny August day in 2016
image code: JEP 852D
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Altacarry Altacarry
Altacarry seen from the ferry Up close and personal
  Rue Point  

55 15.05N

6 11.03W

Built 1921

Unwatched 16 August 1930

Elevation 16m

Range 14 nm

Fi (2) W 5s

Rue Point
The postcard shot and reason for going to Rathlin Island, to put a new beacon on it. We landed first as I was taking pictures of the operation and also because I am not allowed to be in the helicopter when it has loads slung below Here's one of me at Rue Point, the survival suit keeping me warm
Rue Point Rue Point
With the dramatic Antrim coast in the background Taken on the Northern Irish Lighthouse Tour 2013
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