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  Eagle Island lighthouse  

54 17.0N

10 05.5W

LED light est. July 2013


New light LED positioned on top of steel cap on old dome. The original tower has been reduced in height


Visible - 360°

W18 Nautical Miles

Original light discontinued, built: 1835, Date unwatched March 1988, Height of tower 11m, Height of light above MHWS 67m

Range of light: 23nm

Eagle Island Eagle Island

The #60 Irish Lighthouse Series postcard shot I took in the mid 90s from the Bolkow helicopter shows the massive cliffs and storm wall. In 2013 Irish Lights reduced the height of the lighthouse tower so an aerial photograph like this is no longer possible.

Took the above picture with Fuji Velvia 50 asa

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Taken in August 2012 from Mattie Geraghty's boat this was one of the last times the tower was shot before Irish Lights knocked the top off it. Wild boat trip, the boat was thrown about a lot
Eagle Island Eagle Island
Another view from Mattie's boat Land based shot showing the proximity to the shore of the island
Eagle Island Eagle Island
Close up aerial of the lamented tower I sometimes kid people that Eagle Island was named after me for my Irish lighthouse photography and this is my own private golf course!
Eagle Island Eagle Island
Ruins and boulders strewn around as if they were made of paper, such is the power of the Atlantic forced up onto the Continental Shelf and smack into this island Eagle during a storm. Had high hopes of this being a great print but there was a lot of sea spray on the lens and I cannot get a good enough image. Took it with my old EF 200 2.8 a beautiful metal lens with sliding hood. Canon don't make lenses like that anymore sadly
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