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The wild Atlantic coastline of Beara has always been of interest to me. Here's my best images to hang as framed prints on your wall

Pictures are printed in a pro lab to the highest standards, from original tif image shipping two days after purchase

Coulagh Bay sunset Coulagh Bay sunset
Beautiful evening looking from the coast near Eyeries
Picture taken with my 30 mega pixel Canon EOS 5D mk4
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  Garnish storm

Garnish February 1st 2014:

In the Winter of 2013-14 there were several savage storms up and down the Wild Atlantic Way coast. I took this shot using my Canon EOS 5D mk2 with EF 200 2.8L. The orange building used to be a post office until 2007. I was there to take pictures for the Southern Star. A sad day to see it close, and many others have also closed. Please note I have not used Photoshop to increase the wave size
Image code: JEP 553D
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Cod's Head

The Cod's head

Dividing Coulagh Bay from Ballydonegan Bay

You can see it from many vantage spots on the Beara Peninsula jutting out into the Wild Atlantic. The Deirdre Purcell novel 'Falling for a Dancer' was filmed on the Coulagh Bay side. Colin Farrell in one of his early roles

Picture was taken from Eagle Eye a Phantom 3 Advanced drone in 12 mpi raw and will enlarge to 20x16 inch prints

Image code: JEP 829D

Watch a video of the Cod's Head

 The Cod's Head Image code: JEP 829D

Kilcatherine Point

Kilcatherine Point

At the tip of the Kilcatherine Peninsula, between Kenmare and Coulagh bays. Signs of ancient quarrying dating back many years. On the Kenmare Bay side the cliffs are abrupt. A great place for a walk, and watch sunsets over the Iveragh peninsula. Picture was taken from Eagle Eye a Phantom 3 Advanced drone in 12 mpi raw and will enlarge to 20x16 inch prints

Watch a video of Kilcatherine Point

Image code is: JEP 827D

Kilcatherine Point near Eyeries image code: JEP 827D
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Ballydonegan Bay

Ballydonegan Bay

Looking towards Ballydonegan Beach with Allihies in the distance and Miskish Mountains. The tides have a sharp pull here. In the lower right there is a spectacular blowhole
Image code: JEP 825D
Dursey Island

Dursey Island (Western End)

The south westerly tip of the Beara Peninsula, this is the end of Dursey Island showing Brow Head in the distance
You can just make out the old lighthouse ruin on the right 'paw' of Dursey. I like to think of the headland as a giant bear's paw
Ballydonegan Bay

Ballydonegan Bay (mid Winter)

Taken looking towards Dursey Island where the sun sets  in the Winter months
Image code JEP 755D


Ballydonegan Ballydonegan Bay Ballydonegan Bay

Ballydonegan Bay, Beara, SW Ireland

image code JEP 564D

Ballydonegan Bay

image code JEP 565D

Ballydonegan Bay

image code JEP 566D

Ardnakinna Ardnakinna Ardnakinna

Ardnakinna lighthouse a couple of days after the hurricane struck SW Ireland in February 2014. The ocean still taking awhile to calm down

Image code: JEP 557D

Ardnakinna lighthouse almost obscured by pounding surf during a February 2014 storm of which there were many

Image code: JEP 558D

Surf creaming over the rocks at the entrance to Berehaven with Ardnakinna lighthouse

Image code: JEP 559D

Piper Rocks Piper Rocks Piper Rocks

The Piper Rocks like some giant catapult

Image code: JEP 560D

The Piper Rocks getting repeatedly pounded

Image code: JEP 561D

The Piper Rocks

Image code: JEP 562D

Beara Beara Beara

Wild Beara #1

The road from Allihies to Beara after passing Gortahig during the storm of February 8th 2014

Wild Beara #2

A view of Ballydonegan from the near the Cod's Head during February 8th storm

Wild Beara #3

The road from Allihies to Beara after passing Gortahig during the storm of February 8th 2014

Canon EOS 5D mk2 + 28 1.8


Canon EOS 5D mk2 + 28 1.8


Canon EOS 5D mk2 + 28 1.8


Coulagh Bay Pulleen Beara Peninsula

Pier in Cahirkeem getting a pasting

Canon EOS 5D mk2 + 200L


Pulleen image code: JEP 796D

A harbour inlet west of Castletownbere off Bantry Bay

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Cliffs near Gortahig below the road from Eyeries to Allihies on the Beara Peninsula

Canon EOS 5D mk2 + 200L


Coulagh Bay Coulagh Bay Coulagh Bay

Looking across Coulagh Bay to Gortahig


Let there be light

Looking across Coulagh Bay to Urhan with a snippet of Eyeries Island

The Hag of Beara's view of Coulagh Bay on a bitterly cold January day, looking across to the Cod's Head. The Hag can just be seen in the lower centre


Christmas Eve storm 2013 at Garnish Pier, Beara Peninsula. The house on the right used to be Garnish Post Office up until Christmas 2007, when it closed. The nearest post office now for the locals is in Allihies. I waited for the right time to take these shots. The wind can be really strong but if it is coming from the wrong direction the waves will not properly pound the island. Christmas Eve 2013 the wind direction was perfect. I took shots from several angles, some too high, some too low, the ones above I feel are just right. I went down to the pier itself to try and get shots of the boats with breakers behind but they didn't come out as good as these. I sent the pictures to The Southern Star newspaper used number 1 above left JEP 545D and they put it on the front page. I used my Canon EOS 5D mk2 + 200L 2.8
Piper Rocks The Piper Rocks The Piper Rocks

The Piper Rocks getting a pasting with Ardnakinna lighthouse on Bere Island in the background. Taken during the January 2014 storm


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Pipers with gorse and heather

I have created a page of pictures I have taken of these rocks.


The Piper Rocks up close and personal

Be prepared to get wet if you go for this shot, but it can also be fun as the waves rush in


Carrigeel wild untamed Beara Coulagh Bay
Carrigeel is the name for these rocks although I always used to know them as Curried Eeels. They are in Coulagh Beara off Urhan. Kilcatherine is in the background Near Gortahig on the way from Urhan to Allihies Coulagh Bay with Kilcatherine in the distance, off to the left is Carrigeel rocks with Inisfarnard in the background
Inisfernard with Kilcatherine beyond. I love the light in this one. I took from the helicopter whilst flying out to the Skelligs Inishfernard

Available as a 7x5 inch print only, I didn't have the door open of the chopper and so it is not as sharp as I would like it to be

order code: JEP 311D

Coulagh Bay, looking towards the Cod's Head with the Bull Rock in the distance Coulagh Bay

Available as a print

order code: JEP 312D

Dursey. Took this in 1994 on slide film whilst flying between the Bull and the Calf Dursey Prints can be made from it but the slide is not very good anymore. I have had a digital reproduction made but it isn't as good as it was so enjoy it here
Took this from an Irish Air Corp helicopter, taking me up much hgiher than usual Castletownbere I have this image somewhere
Kilcatherine, not far from the point. I shot this deliberately in b/w for maximum effect Kilcatherine Available as a print


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