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Promoting the skills of the people who lives on the Beara Peninsula in South West Ireland

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The products on this website are made by people who live and work on the Beara Peninsula. It is a showcase for the artists who otherwise might not get this kind of attention. However it is not only for artists, the website is for anyone who lives on the Beara Peninsula and wishes to seek worldwide attention with what they produce. If you live on Beara and have something you would like to sell here please contact below


Or write to:

John Eagle,



Co. Cork,



tel: + (353) (0) 27 74275 or 087 9693745

if you would like to advertise an item on Beara Crafts the rules are as follows:

Placing an item on Beara Crafts website is free on the condition it is acceptable, by which it must be suitable for anyone to view, meaning it must not be offensive or degrading to anyone.

There is also Car Boot where you can sell just about anything as long as you now how to ship it

I charge you 10% of the sale price. For instance if your item is €20 then I take €2. If it doesn't sell then you pay nothing and you can have your advertisement taken down at any time. It is up to you to post the item to the customer. You tell me how much it costs you to post the item for 3 locations, Ireland, UK/Europe, Rest of the World. I will then put these shipping costs into the postage rates for your item. When you calculate your shipping costs you will need to give some thought to packing the item and how much that costs you. I need a proof of postage from you, so everyone knows the item is on its way to the customer and we can track it in case the customer says it hasn't been delivered. Once the item is recognised as being on its way I will send the cost of it minus 10 per cent to you. (That is 10% of the cost of the item you are selling, not the shipping)


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