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Beara Made

Promoting the skills of the people who lives on the Beara Peninsula in South West Ireland

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About Beara Crafts

Beara Crafts was started and is looked after by John Eagle

It is intended as an opportunity for people who live on the Beara Peninsula to sell their wares online

If you live on the Beara Peninsula this is your shop to the big World

The Beara Peninsula is in the South West of Ireland, where the Atlantic rolls in bringing the Gulf Stream from Florida. Plants grow here that are not native to other parts of Ireland


We have many artists here in Beara, potters, knitters, jam makers and many other skills. We live here out of choice, resolutely refusing to budge for no-one!

We make lovely things, making a difference

Please note that when you buy something using PayPal it will say John Eagle Photography in your basket. That is because I own the site. Please be assured that I do pass on the price of the item to the seller as soon is possible.

If you live on the Beara Peninsula and would like to sell here, here is what I am offering to you. I will show your product free of charge, giving it publicity. If it sells I will charge you 10% of the item price to cover myself for the PayPal charge and getting the money to you. Yes it also means I keep a small amount for myself. I hope you don't mind.

Please contact me if you would like to show your wares here





Home Knitwear Books Recipes Accommodation Car Boot Cards Soap About Contact