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Berelantic Yarns

Marion O'Sullivan, Bere Island

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993K at and scarf
Crochet beanie hats €18 each plus postage Hat and scarf €40 plus postage
Headband Xmas socks
Crochet head bands €12 each plus postage Christmas socks €4 or pack of 6 for €20


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Xmas socks

Christmas socks

code: bxs001

  Head Bands € 10 + postage
Headband code: bhb001
Headband code: bhb002
Headband code: bhb003
  Hats and Scarves
  Hats are €18 Scarves are €25 + postage
at and scarf code: bhs001
hat and scarf code: bhs002
hat and scarf

code: bhs003

for hat on its own see below. code: 991K

  Beanie Hats
beanie hat code:bbh008
beanie hat code:bbh006
1007K code: 1007K 
991K code: 991K
993K code: 993K 
1032K code: 1032K
1001K code: 1001K



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